Print Comics

If you look at my webcomics, it's no secret that I'd love to see them in print.  You can tell by their formatting that I'm trying to use the web as a springboard to get these comics into print.  Perhaps this is the wrong way to look at it, not taking full advantage of the web and the unique things you can do in webcomics that you can't do in print.

But for those of us who were comics children of the 1970s and 80s, I think we have a nostalgia for comics in print.  There's something about holding a comic, flipping back to see what came before, trying not to peak ahead and see what comes next.  There's something magic in print that you don't get digitally.  I even love bagging and storing my comics, seeing them in their resting place for me to some day pull out and flip through again.

Today I worked on organizing the first issue of The Rift so that I can take it to a print shop and make digest-sized copies of the comic with the intent of showing it to prospective publishers.  I want to be able to show editors the look and flow of the book in one shot, not emailing them page after sequential page.  I'd rather have them take the extra step of physically throwing it in the trash rather than hit the delete key if they don't like it.  Seeing it in their mail might warrant a flip through with a physical copy that an email would not.  And, for those nostalgic about print comics like I am, it might make them that much more amenable to my story over one more email in an already-full inbox.

Or I may be wrong and it may end up in the trash faster than I can put a stamp on the envelope.  In either case, I made the best story and best-looking comic I can for them to see and read.  And that's all I can do.  The rest is in the eye of the reader.