The Joy of Collaboration

One of the things comics writers will always tell you is so great about working in comics is the joy of collaboration.  It's such a great experience to sit and work with these artists and combine your vision into that mix of words and art that's better than what either of you conceived alone.

I know for me, it's a great feeling to see the art come in.  When I'm developing and writing a story, I have some idea in my head what it'll look like.  Then when it comes in and I open it, it's usually so much different and so much better than what I could have imagined. 

I've been blessed to work with some extraordinary artists.  I know I'm forgetting some, but some of these include: Paul Neary, Adriana Melo, Jake Bilbao, Alex Amezcua, William Allan Reyes, John Amor, Drew Moss, Sedat Oezgen, and Christian N. St. Pierre.  This doesn't count the inkers, colorists, and letterers I've worked with. 

I'm richer from having worked with these talented people, and seeing their imagination and talent only motivates me more to create great stories for them to illustrate.  I've got several artists that I'm reaching out to now for a newly developing project, and I hope to continue working with such amazing people in such an incredible medium of storytelling.