2014 Begins

A beginning of the year roundup of what I’ve working on.  There are a few projects in the works, all in various stages.  First up is ClosetWorld, the project with art by the brilliant John Amor and colors by Tamra Bonvillain.  John’s art gets better with each issue, and we’re now working through issue 4, the final issue of this series that was picked up by Arcana Studios.  Can’t wait to get this one wrapped up and into your hands.

Next we have A Heart for al Qaeda, a military-themed story that features combat controllers, the Air Force’s special operators who embed with Army Special Forces and Navy SEAL teams to serve as the on-site manager of air support.  I’ve had a switch of artists recently, and I can’t wait to show off new artist Francesco Mobili from Italy (check out my Hangar 19 Facebook page to see some panels).  Early pages are nothing short of stunning.  My first artist on the book, Sedat Oezgen, had to move on due to family commitments and some other comics projects, and we’re both excited to work again on another project in the future.

Also in the works is The Forgotten.  This one I cannot go into any detail other than it does take place in both the real world and the dream world.  I know this is not somewhere most comics writers would tread, given Neil Gaiman’s seminal work in The Sandman, but I’ve got a take on the dream world that I’ve never seen done before.  And the background story between the real world and dream world are deeply personal.  I’ve held this story for some time waiting for just the right artist, and I believe I may have found him.  More to come on this comic.

I’ve also got some prose stories coming out, and I’ll be sharing those another time when they’re closer to release. 

All in all, a lot on my writing plate as 2014 begins.  And with a move to Amman, Jordan coming soon, not to mention family time with my wife and twin boys, it’s going to be one busy year. 

Now to get to work.  These stories don’t write themselves.