Genesis - Comic, Novel, or Other

I mentioned last time that I have this new idea, Genesis, that simply won't let go.  It's still plaguing my thoughts.  And I'm still working out if it's best as a comic, novel, or something else.  There are several reasons it eludes me what format to use.

First, the visuals in my head are extremely rich, and I would love to see them come to light in the hands of a great comics artist.  My frequent collaboration, Sedat Oezgen, would be perfect to bring this to life.  He's been doing a lot of sketch art on his train ride to and from work where he lives in Germany, and lately he's done some amazing science fiction and fantasy pieces. 

But visuals alone are not enough to make a comic.  There's a pacing to comics, an episodic nature with a complete beginning, middle, and end with each issue while still having an overarching story that runs through the entire series.  Right now the beats that I have in my head don't lend themselves to the traditionally kinetic nature and pacing of a comic.  The idea fits more along the lane of of my novel The Calling than it does to my science fiction comic The Rift

What I'm finding is I'm leaning toward a novel.  Lines of prose and dialogue and surfacing in my mind, making me excited at the possibility of a novel. might be something else.  It might be a serial story.

I recently learned of a novel released in electronic serial fashion through amazon's Kindle by science fiction author John Scalzi, and this might be just the ticket for how to approach this.  I definitely see it as a series of events that could be broken up fairly easily (although not with the shortened, staccato beats needed for a comic).  And this could stretch those prose muscles I've been wanting to stretch and give this story the volume it needs to be told properly. 

So I'll continue spinning the idea around, seeing what will work best.  What I do know is I can't wait to share this idea.  Not since The Calling have I come up with an idea this bold, this expansive.  After all, it's Genesis.  It's about where we come from.