A New Story is Birthed

The last week I have been obsessed with a new story.  You know you're on to something when it invades your thoughts every waking moment.  I can't stop thinking about the characters, the themes, the plot.  It's a science fiction story called "Genesis" that deals with man's origins, our future, and a deep deception.

Now here's the kicker.  I'm not sure how, or rather in what format, to write it.  The size and scope of the story lead me to think that it should be a novel.  But given my lack of writing time (with a full plate from my day job and a busy home life with my wife and 8-month old twin boys), I've committed to comics as my sole medium.  I've been writing and editing independent and Marvel comics for several years now.  To take the time and write a novel would steal the limited time I have for comics writing.

So then I started thinking about making it a comic book.  It would have enough rich visuals to serve a comic.  But I keep thinking how the themes, the pacing, and the scope, might not be served if it's done as a comic.  It's not quite an episodic adventure with numerous mini-arcs that a comic would require.  Each issue of a comic, even if it's a multi-part story, should in some way serve as a complete story in itself, should leave readers both satisfied from what they read and wanting more. 

I'll keep working on it, going through the story and seeing how it should be structured.  I know the answer is there - I just have to keep at it and see how this story should be told.  It's too good a story not to tell.  After all, it's the story of where we come from, in a way never told before.

Can't wait to share it with you, once I know how and when it will be told.