Bourne Legacy missing something

I went to see the movie The Bourne Legacy today.  Loved the acting - Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz did fantastic work.  But something felt off, and as we walked to the car I realized that it was missing Act 3.  The entire movie is really two acts (you could almost say it's just one act).  I kept waiting to get to the next phase, to start that 3rd act, to then draw us to a final conclusion, but it ended extremely abruptly. 

I did enjoy it, but it's very clearly set up for sequels.  I really think they could have found a way to bring some sense of closure to this movie while at the same time leaving things open for a sequel.  Comics do that all the time.

Overall, good movie, but for me the winner this summer was The Amazing Spider-Man.  Great story, great action, great character moments, and great acting.  It beat out everything else I saw this summer, including Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus. 

Now we wait for the end of year blockbusters.