A Busy Year

This has been a busy year to date.  I'm hard at work on a lot of simultaneous projects including: Redo, a independent superhero adventure about re-living your life; ClosetWorld, a fairy tale adventure in the vein of The Chronicles of Narnia that was recently picked up by Arcana Studios; The Chosen, a military adventure with a science fiction twist; and other pitches in early development stages.  I've also created my own studio, Hangar 19, a banner under which all my projects will be released. 

But the most important work I have is coming up.  This week my wife and I will experience the birth of our twin boys.  I know it will change everything for us and our family, but we could not be more excited.  We'll have two little ones to raise, educate, and train in our home as we continue to move around the country and the world with my continuing military career.  It's always been an adventure in the Yocum household. 

That means I've got two more in the house soon that I have to get into comics.  I'll keep dreaming up stories, and I hope you'll keep reading.