Story updates

We near the end of October, and I've got multiple irons in the fire.  A Heart for al Qaeda continues its development as co-writer Kevin Maurer and I develop the characters, outline the story, and work on early drafts of the scripts.  All in all, it's coming along wonderfully, and I cannot wait to share this story.  Artist Sedat Oezgen is prepping to start sketching out the characters and develop the look of the series. 

Over in ClosetWorld, we're pressing ahead closer and closer to completion.  John Amor is well into issue 3 of 4, and the book continues to look better with each page.  This comic is going to be a gorgeous book to look at, of that I'm certain.  I could not be more excited to have linked up with Arcana to see this released next year. 

As we prepare to wrap up this military assignment at JSOC in Ft. Bragg, NC and move on to Washington, DC to begin training for my next assignment, there will be a lot of writing and developing stories.  And I've been feeling this yearning, as I've not for some time, to dip my feet back into the waters of prose.  Reading some great fiction this past year (The Passage by Justin Cronin and The Map of Time by Felix J. Palma) inspires me to reenter that world of writing.  Now I have to set about finding the right story to tell.  And that to me is the most fun part.  Who knows what will come.