Hangar 19

I've been mulling the idea of creating an imprint name, something that would go with all my written work, for some time now.  This would be for comics, novels, nonfiction, basically anything that has the byline, "by Matt Yocum."  Some of the more successful brand and imprint names include: Marvel, Image, Skybound, Dynamite, Boom!, and many others. 

I posed this question to the gang at ChristianComicArts.com, and I got some great feedback on what did and did not work.  Martin Murtonen did a great job deconstructing several of my suggestions, and several others pitched in and voiced their thoughts and opinions.  Possibilities included: Otherwhere, Front Porch Entertainment, Hyperion Entertainment, Perpetual Motion, Sons of Thunder, Complete Geek Entertainment, and SDG Entertainment (Soli Deo Gloria), and many more.  The one that won out and lodged itself in my brain was...

...Hangar 19.

So, starting now I'll be writing under the banner of Hangar 19.  The idea behind it is this - you think you knows what's in Hangar 18.  You have no idea what's behind the doors to Hangar 19.  Let me open those doors and show you what's inside.  Come inside the Hangar. 

Next up is designing a logo.  I'll work on that with some artists over the coming weeks, and I'll be sure to unveil that logo here. 

Happy reading.