Two Novels Published

I accomplished one other great thing while in Baghdad these past few months.  My two novels, The Calling and HONOR, are now both published and available for purchase at  If you have a Kindle, or anything that can download the free Kindle app (an iPhone, iPad, Android device, PC, Mac, whatever), then you can buy the books.

These two books spanned years to write, and I could not be more happy to have them available for readers.  The Calling is a science fiction adventure that deals with faith and how we come to our beliefs.  HONOR is a terrorist conspiracy thriller that gives you an insider's view to life at the Air Force Academy.  Consider the first book a deeper, more literary book contained in a fantastic science fiction adventure.  Consider the latter book a fun, fast summer read.  They're both great and very different. 

For more info on these books, and where to find them, go to the Prose section of this website where I have direct links to the books.  Happy reading.