Honorable Mention for Best Movie of the Year

Okay, I realized after I wrote last night that I failed to mention other movies I recently saw and what makes my list for honorable mention this year after my favorite film, Let Me In.  I saw The Next Three Days (with Russell Crowe, which felt like three days to watch) and RED (we were so bored with the mindlessness of this film, despite the cast, that we fast-forwarded our way through the last half hour).  Obviously these didn't make honorable mention. 

That honor goes out to last week's new release, Hanna.  Starring Saoirse Ronan (another teenage lead actress, such as in Let Me In), this movie is carried squarely on her shoulders.  She absolutely makes this movie work, and if she were not as capable as she was, this movie would have failed.  I was surprised at the lyricism of this movie, the incredible action scenes, the humor, and the great music that kept this movie humming.  I was also pleased to see a great performance by Eric Bana, someone whose career has seemingly waned.  The only misstep was in giving Cate Blanchett's character a Southern accent - thinking on it, I understand why they chose to give her this accent, but it didn't work.  She simply didn't pull the accent off, which I believe she did succeed in Sam Raimi's horror/thriller The Gift.  But that was a small misstep in an overall great film.

I'm glad this movie didn't get thrown into the summer blockbuster mix where I'm sure it would have remained unnoticed.  I can only hope that an April release fares well for it and that more action movies like this result.