Best Movie This Year

I've seen a bunch of movies recently - Winter's Bone, The Fighter, The Source Code, The Adjustment Bureau, The King's Speech, and several others.  But the best movie I saw this year, hands down, was Let Me In, a US remake of a Swedish vampire movie.  This movie worked on so many levels, it was inspiring to me as a writer and a fan of story.  About a "young" vampire girl and a "helpless" little boy who befriend each other, I thought the two lead actors - Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloe Moretz - should have been nominated for Oscars.  They made this movie carried such a heavy load and handled it so well that they should have been recognized for the amazing work they did.  Chloe Moretz in particular is one to watch as her career progresses.

I was so impressed with the story and how this movie was shot.  There is scene after scene where you just wish you could see a little more than what is shown in the frame, which adds tremendously to the sense of dread the director, Matt Reeves, was going for.  He gave us a movie that was horrifying, touching, and somehow true to life all at the same time.  Even the title worked on several levels.

This was my goal in writing my horror comic Devolution, to do something in the overpopulated zombie genre that's rarely seen - to making a thinking man's zombie story.  I know this has been done in The Walking Dead, both the comic from Image and the television series on AMC.  I'd hoped to do that on a smaller scale, with a more intimate story about a husband, wife, and their son and a very small cast of zombies.  I'll get back to writing the screenplay itself one day, but for now other projects have jumped to the forefront. 

If I've not succeeded with Devolution, movies like Let Me In can only help to inspire and inform me on how to get better.  I hope as I prepare my next story, an independent superhero story, that I can take things to that next level.