Life Gets in the Way

I've not been able to write an entry for several weeks.  Sometimes life gets in the way like that.  For various reasons, this is the first days off I've had in some time. 

Rather than get upset at this, I know that it wasn't because of laziness, nor was it by choice.  Rather it was filled with so many things that I simply could not get the time to sit and pen some thoughts.  Instead of being frustrated, I have to accept it for what it is and know that all these experiences are feeding me as a writer for when time does allow for writing.

Having a lot of experiences in life only feeds a writer, gives you more to look back on, learn from, and bring into your stories.  Maybe you won't directly write about your life or your work, but it will give you ideas and inform your world-view to give you more inspiration from which to draw on.

I guess what I'm saying is that in addition to writing about life, it's important to live a life.  You've got to get out and experience things, try new adventures, visit new places, and work a variety of jobs.  Although I've been in the military close as an officer close to 18 years now, I've always tried to get assignments that were as different as possible from the previous assignment.  And I've always tried to live in new places.  I've lived in 9 different places in my 18 years, moving 10 times, with places ranging from Ohio and Tennessee, to Colorado and New Mexico, to Washington, DC and Israel.  I've visited many more places.  As for assignments, I've been a teacher at the Air Force Academy, done scientific research in labs in New Mexico, served as a military attache at the US Embassy in Israel, and am now doing special operations work. 

The places, jobs, and faces all feed me as a writer.  If you're not living your life, it will only limit your writing and how far you can take your characters.

On that note, I'm going to go live a little more.  I'll be back when I'm back with plenty more stories to tell.