New York Comic Con approaches

Only a few more days until the New York Comic Con.  I plan to attend each day, and cannot wait to be surrounded by all things comics.  I've not been to this convention before, so I'll be excited to see how it fares compared to Heroes Con in North Carolina, one of the best conventions out there. 

One of my goals for this con is to look for independent publishers for The Rift and ClosetWorld, and perhaps to sow the seeds of what's coming in Redo.  All three series are turning out incredibly well, and I could not be more pleased with their progress and quality. 

The great thing about independent comics is that I'm not tied to any one genre.  The Rift is a science fiction story with a core mystery, ClosetWorld is a fairy tale adventure, and Redo is a pure superhero story that I cannot wait to unleash.  Not to mention my already completed Devolution, a 4-issue horror series that I recently wrote as a screenplay this summer.  This variety is what continues to make writing comics so enjoyable for me.  Just as much as I love to read a wide variety of styles and genres, I also love to write a wide variety. 

That doesn't even slightly take away my love of writing mainstream superhero comics.  I've always loved the 4-color heroes found in Marvel and DC, and I don't think I'll ever outgrow that.  Every Wednesday with new comic book day is a like a little Christmas, waiting to see what comics came out, how the art and story turned out.  And there are some fantastic comics coming out now.

I'll be back to write more about the highlights from the New York Comic Con.  Until then, see you in the funny pages.