Happy 2011

Happy 2011 everyone, and welcome to the new MattYocum.com.  I hope to keep a reasonably consistent blog going here to keep you up to date on my life and in particular my writing.  As I usually do at the beginning of every year, I've made big plans for what I hope to accomplish in 2011, and we'll see how much of it I'm able to work in with a full time job in the Air Force and with plans to expand our family through adoption this year.

So what's coming out now and what's to come.  Right now I have two comics projects in the works, the first of which is a science fiction series titled The Rift that's already had a few installments released at www.ComicCritique.com.  With art by Alex Amezcua and based on a published short story I had many years ago, The Rift will follow the lives of those affected by an event on a Lunar colony, and the opening 3-issue arc covers the ground in the original short story.  I have long-term plans with The Rift that I'm excited to see come to light.

The second series that's in development right now is a light-hearted fairy tale adventure called ClosetWorld.  It's got a fantastic artist in John Amor who's got just the right style for this series.  The early installments are coming together, and installment 1 should be posted soon to www.ComicCritique.com

That's not all I have on tap at the moment.  I've got a few other comics I'm developing, including the early work on a vampire series called Communion that exposes the truth about real-world vampire cults.  And I've got pitches in with Marvel Comics, so we'll see if I can get one of these off the ground.  My last issue with Marvel came out in Wolverine #900, and it gave my former webcomic artist Jake Bilbao his first Marvel work, for which I'm extremely proud of him.

In addition, I've come to realize that the season of the zombie story is still in.  The Walking Dead hit the TV world by storm with a justifiably critically acclaimed 6-episode opening season on AMC and was promptly accepted for a second 13-episode season beginning Fall 2011.  And sometime in 2011 (I believe) the movie version of the book World War Z should be arriving in theaters.  With that in mind, I've decided to take the first step to building a screenplay around my 4-issue miniseries titled Devolution, found again at www.ComicCritique.com (you're starting to see a theme here with my independent work). 

Never one to rest on too few projects, I've added one more to the mix, a new novel.  Just last night my wife and I had dinner and came up with a fantastic idea for a new novel, a thriller that's so perfectly up my lane that I started as soon as we got home and worked all through the night last night (yes, I rang in the New Year writing, that's how excited I was).  This action/conspiracy thriller will be titled A Heart for bin Laden and follows a Special Operations airman on his search for the truth about his twin brother's death.  It's going to be a lot of fun to write, and hopefully I'll be able to fit this in with all the other projects.

Woven in all of this writing is all that's happening in life, including the impending adoption into our family.  Plus I have my work, which should be ramping up in the near future, and I've got to find time to work in my studies for the Air War College, a professional obligation now that I'm a lieutenant colonel. 

So, a busy 2011 awaits.  I can't think of a better way to start it than to get writing.